“Character Education for 21st Century Global Citizens.”


  1. Values for 21stcentury global citizens
    This sub-theme identifies global, regional, national, and local values to be acquired by teachers and students to live in the world with no boundaries almost in every aspect of life. The identified values will be the ones to be educated to students.

  3. Preparing teachers for integrative values education
    With the increasing importance of character education, teacher training must prepare teachers to competently instill values integrated in the subject matter delivery and assessment of student achievement. This sub-theme gives opportunity to researchers and practitioners to share their findings and best practices in planning, implementing, and evaluating teacher education for integrative character education.

  5. Teacher professional development for enhancing character education
    The theory and practice of integrative character education develop from time to time. Practicing teachers must upgrade their competence continuously following the development through continuous professional development. This sub-theme deals with how professional development for enhanced character education is effectively done.

  7. Curriculum/syllabus/lesson plan/learning materials development for integrated values education
    Character education in this conference is defined as planned, systematic, and comprehensive efforts to develop good character. This sub-theme concerns how the curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan, and learning materials are developed to ensure that integrative values education is well planned in every level of learning planning.

  9. Developing learning activities/tasks/strategies for character education
    Student’s character development is effectively promoted through the learning activities. However, many teachers have limited knowledge of learning activities/tasks/strategies for character education. For that reason, it is essential that researchers and practitioners be given opportunity to share their research findings and best practices in the area.

  11. Assessing student’s character development (values acquisition assessment)
    One of the problems that teachers face in character education is how to assess the students’ values acquisition. This sub-theme discusses various practical techniques and instruments to assess the students’ character development as well as to interpret and report the assessment results.

  13. Creating/managing conducive school culture to character education
    Values acquisition is not only facilitated through the teaching learning process in the classroom, but also promoted through the habit/culture/environment/management of the school as a whole. This sub-theme offers opportunity to researchers, school principals, supervisors, decision makers, and teachers to share their research findings and best practices in managing the school for effective character education.

  15. Parents and public involvement in character education
    Character education does not only take place at school, but also at home and the community. In addition, values education is not only the responsibility of the school. Parents and the public must actively involve themselves in the effort in many ways. This sub-theme provides a room for all parties to share their research findings, best practices, and practical ideas in involving parents and public (i.e.: mass media, community, social organizations, industry, political parties) in character education.