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Abstract and Full-Paper Formats

To present in the regular parallel sessions, an individual or small group of authors can submit an abstract. The abstract consists of maximum of 350 words, excluding references. This must outline the best practice being explored or area of research being reported on, the conceptual underpinnings of the paper, its findings and a conclusion. The conference strand in which the paper connects with should also be indicated, as well as mention in the key words.

Participants who have their abstract accepted are encouraged to submit the full-paper  that is a manuscript of 3000 words (about 6 pages single spacing) (only for speaker, not for poster presenter). This full-paper must be written according to the template (format) and guidelines. Full-paper must have references on journal articles. If not, it will not be accepted. Click to download the template here. Only accepted full-paper that will be offered to be published in:

Proceedings Publisher:


  1. Main conference proceeding (by CRC Press/Balkema, Taylor & Francis Group, the proceedings will be submitted to the index services institution, like Scopus and/or Thomson Reuters, Google Scholar).
  2. Regular conference proceeding (by LPPMP UNY, the proceedings will be submitted to have ISBN and Google Scholar).

All publication will be available in soft-copy.