Criteria for accepted papers:

1. The topic is included in the conference theme/sub-theme.
2. It has:

  • Abstract (about 150 words)
  • Introduction to the formulated issue or problem or questions or hypothesis, and literature review (about 30% of overall content)
  • Method of the research (for research based article) (about 5% of overall content)
  • Main discussion (about 60% of overall content)
  • Conclusion (about 5% of overall content).
  • References (bibliography).

3. The content refers to at least (minimum) 10 references, from journal articles or books (most recent).
4. Written in English (academic style and proofread by english editor).
5. Written in the expected format (strict rule).
6. About 3000 words (6 pages single spacing).


Download template full-paper click here.

(EN) All author must read the content of the guideline in the template file, and must follow the formating of the full-paper according to the template. If not, editor of the proceeding will require the author to revise or decide to not include the paper in the publication.

(IND) Semua penulis harus membaca isi dari pedoman yang tertulis dalam template, dan harus menulis full-paper dengan format sesuai dengan template. Jika tidak, editor prosiding akan meminta penulis untuk merevisi atau memutuskan untuk tidak mempublikasikan artikel tersebut.

Download consent form click here.

(EN) All author must complete the consent form and return to the editor of the proceeding by the day of the conference. The consent form is permission letter to publish the presented full-paper.

(IND) Semua penulis harus melengkapi consent form dan mengembalikan ke editor prosiding paling lambat pada hari pelaksanaan conference. Consent form ini adalah surat pemberian ijin untuk mempublikasikan artikel.

Download example of full-paper click here.

(EN) This is an example of the full-paper with the expected format. The purpose of this article is to give example of the formatting stule, please ignore the content.

(IND) Ini adalah contoh artikel dengan format yang diharapkan. Tujuan dari artikel ini semata-mata untuk memberikan contoh penataan tulisan atau format penulisan, mohon isinya tidak dihiraukan.

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